Breeding large fowl chickens toward the Standard of Perfection, with a colorful egg basket

Please check the About Me page for current offerings.

Current Breeds and Varieties

I keep some other breeds for egg color variety, but these are my current breeding projects:
Wheaten Marans

Breeding towards darker brown eggs, as well as type and plumage following the APA standard of perfection.

Blue Ameraucana

Light sky blue eggs and blue plumage with nice, dark lacing. Hoping to expand with black and splash in 2020.

Olive Eggers

We have an ongoing ‘Olive Egger’ breeding project with the ultimate goal of olive eggers that breed true.

From Bottom Center, clockwise: Wyandotte x2, F1 Olive Egger x2, Ameraucana, Marans x2. Center: Welsummer

Broody Wheaten Marans with her brand new chick, summer 2019
Wheaten Marans Pullet Egg, Spring 2020
About Me

Hobbyist and novice large fowl chicken breeder in central Oklahoma, USA.

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I usually attend poultry shows if they take place at the Cleveland County fairgrounds.

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